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in Cambridgeshire is one of the largest villages in the United Kingdom. Situated due South from the city of Peterborough, the village has a rich and fascinating history that we will attempt to tell here at Yaxleyhistory.org.

Yaxleyhistory.org was developed as a key component of the Yaxley Festival project and exists to preserve and celebrate the collective memories of our community and the stories and images of our village. The site is a foundation stone of the longer term Yaxley Heritage Project, developed by The Fenland Trust, which aims to identify, develop, promote and preserve village heritage assets, housing our history in a permanent museum site.


Learn about one of the region’s most historically important villages.

A Brief History of our village

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Mapping the Mere

Maps of the great lake presented in chronological order. Click here to explore.

“Glatton Round Hill, Yaxley Stone Mill and Whittlesea Mere, Are the three great wonders- of Huntingdonshire.”

Archaic Huntingdonshire Rhyme

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The Lake

Discover Yaxley’s lost lake, once the greatest expanse of water in Southern England.

Whittlesea Mere

The Prison

Learn about the world’s first purpose built prisoner-of-war camp.

Norman Cross

The Pubs

Go back to a bygone age when Yaxley had over a dozen public houses.

Inns & Breweries

The Places

Gaze upon the architecture of Yaxley, some of it still with us, but much of it long gone.


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If you can donate items, memories or volunteer hours to our cause, please contact us today. With Yaxley Heritage Week now an annual event on the village calendar there is always work to do in and around the village preserving and recording our rich local history.

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Restoration & Preservation

One of the most important aspects of the Yaxley Heritage Project is the preservation and in some cases, the restoration of our village heritage assets. As we are building our collection we are methodically cataloging our photos, paintings, sketches, maps and documents...

Saving the Manorial Records

With our team having expressed the importance of the preservation of Yaxley’s Manorial Records for some time now, it’s very encouraging to see that the Yaxley Parish Council have now entered into talks with the Huntingdonshire Archives.  This month...

Yaxley Heritage Week

In an exciting week for those interested in local history and specifically the heritage of Yaxley, it has been announced that the newly formed Fenland Trust, a group created as a direct result of the Yaxley Festival Legacy Heritage Project, will be staging the...

Yaxley Festival History Exhibition

The Yaxley Festival isn’t just about community and entertainment – it’s also about heritage, specifically celebrating the rich local history of Yaxley and the Great Fen. For nearly 900 years the magnificent cathedral at Peterborough has flung a shadow across...

Notes & Queries

Stewart Howe ponders the etymological origins of the region of Freezeland on the north shore of the Whittlesea Mere.

Recommended Reading

Stewart Howe lists a number of books and research sources recommended by himself and Margaret Long, for those interested in the history of Yaxley and the Fens.