Frederick John Moule was Vicar of St Peters from 1868 to 1891.

He was the third son of Henry Moule [1801 – 1880] the vicar of Fordington and his wife Mary Mullett Evans. He was the first of their children to be born in Fordington on the 10th May 1830. He was duly baptised there by his father on 17th June that year, and taught at home with other paying students in preparation for university.

He went initially to Caius College in Cambridge which he entered on 26 June 1850. By 1851 he was still studying, but his place in the house had been given over to paying pupils so when he came home he lived with his elder brother George Evans Moule at Cuckolds Row in Fordington. He matriculated in that year but then transferred to Corpus Christie College on 26 June 1852, where he obtained a BA in 1855 and an MA in 1858.

Frederick like his father & elder brother George settled on a career in the church and in 1857 was ordained by Bishop Hamilton of Salisbury. The parish records for St Georges church show that he carried out baptisms in Fordington as a curate from 27th Dec 1857. It was not however until In 1859, as a priest, that he was formally licensed to his fathers parish in Fordington where he continued to operate as Curate until October 1868. There is a note in the parish burial register that he departed Fordington for Yaxley on 15th January 1869.

In 1868 her was appointed Vicar of St Peters but formally took up residence with his family in January 1869. A child Mary was born here, and Frederick served for 23 years as Vicar until 1891 when the Lord Chancellor appointed him to the Rectory of St Laurence in Norwich where he remained until just before his death.

A rather sombre footnote is the tragedy that befell the Moule family in 1873 when Frederick’s brother Horatio, the best friend and mentor of Thomas Hardy, cut his own throat with a razor whilst in what a court ruled ‘a state of temporary insanity‘.