Click here to download the 1786 Map of Whittlesea Mere by John Bodger.

One of the greatest curiosities in this Kingdom, being a most spacious and beautiful fresh-water lake, on which have been exhibited several Regattas, at which were present many Thousands of Nobility, Gentry, and Others, from various Parts, who were accomodated with upwards of 700 sailing Vessels and Boats. The Contents of the Surface will be given and the Circumference and sailing distance from each Point ascertained, with their respective Names. Also, the Distance and sail from Peterborough Bridge, to the Mere; and the Distance from thence by Bevil’s River and Wisbech, to the Outfall at the Eye at Sea, and through the Port of Lynn to the Outfall at the Bar Beacon at Sea; with the Distance and Sail from Wisbech through Marshland, to the Port of Lynn, And an account of its ancient Royal Proprietors and Others, as well as the Right of Fishing for more than eleven Hundred Years. The Plate will wbe two Feet two inches, by one Foot seven. The Work will be embellished with the County Arms, and an Emblem of the British Triton, protecting British Commerce. Impressions on Sattin or Vellum, One Guinea each; on Paper, Half-a-Guinear; and will be delivered in the Order subscribed for, By JOHN BODGER, at STILTON, Huntingdonshire.
Surveyed and mapped in the most elegant manner.