One of the most important aspects of the Yaxley Heritage Project is the preservation and in some cases, the restoration of our village heritage assets.

As we are building our collection we are methodically cataloging our photos, paintings, sketches, maps and documents as well as transcribing handswritten texts and scanning original images. All of these are being deposited safely into the cloud for future generations to enjoy.

Occasionally we acquire original photographs and postcards that are damaged. The damage might be in the form of scratches, tears, cracks, fold marks, light leaks, tape marks, mould and liquid damage.

Fortunately we have the skills to sympathetically repair these defects and breathe new life into tired images. Although at times painstaking in practise, the finished results are fantastic and we strive to maintain the integrity of the source material without eliminating elements such as grain and other natural byproducts of the photographic process.

The image below isĀ one of new set of images acquired this week (we believe taken circa 1905) and illustrates how damage such as scratches and pen marks can be removed.

yaxley history